A rich history dating back to 1868

Hotel Suisse has a rich history, being built in 1862, and having served the important Postal route between Switzerland and France, Martigny and Chamonix.

The service was done by horse and carriage, and the old route ‘Route des Diligences’ can still be traversed by foot or (mountain) bike.

Situated on the current border between the 2 countries, there was a time during which the Hotel was in fact on French territory, during the Napoleonic wars in 1892, and reverted back to Switzerland in 1910, when the current borders were re-established.

The Hotel was built as a Grand Hotel, and originally consisted of 3 buildings. The main Hotel building was also taller, boasting 5 floors. The Hotel was the most significant enterprise and centre of commerce and communication in the whole region for much of the 19th and beginning of 20th century.

The name Hotel Suisse or Suisse Hotel became popular in the mid-20th century, signifying elevated levels of quality and service. It is said that our ‘Hotel Suisse’ is the world oldest with the original name, continuously in operation.

Its original web domain www.hotelsuisse.ch is testament to this.