Things to do around
Hotel Suisse

All year round, there are many great things to do around Hotel Suisse. Here you find a selection of some of our recommendations.  

One of world’s most iconic train journeys: Mont Blanc Express

A link between the plains and the mountains, Switzerland and France, the Mont Blanc Express has connected Martigny to Chamonix for more than a century.

Embark on scenic rail journey which passes through the magical Trient Valley, with its rocky outcroppings, forests, wild gorges and classic alpine villages. Savor magnificent landscapes in the heart of an unspoiled natural setting. The promise of a spectacular escape.

Welcome aboard! The train station is just a 50 meters walk from the hotel.


Unforgettable experience: VerticAlp Emosson

3 unique rail systems take you to the amazing natural site of Emosson.
The unique VerticAlp Emosson takes you from Châtelard Village to the crown of the Emosson dam in less than an hour.

Duration: 4 to 8 hours

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Explore multiple ski resorts

Ideally situated, our guests can explore multiple ski resorts.




Hike amongst the most stunning and remote mountain landscapes Europe has to offer 

Your tour can start straight from the backyard of the hotel, or you take a short trip by public transport or car to anywhere in the Kanton.

Valais has a hike for everyone. Up high peaks, through fragrant larch forests, over suspended bridges, by mule paths or vineyard trails. Over 8000 kilometres of signposted hiking paths wait to be explored. Countless high routes and circuits lead through lush alpine meadows, across rushing mountain streams, past deep-blue tarns and up peaks with magnificent views. With a little luck, hikers may encounter marmots, chamois or mountain goats.

Visit Chamonix and the Mont Blanc

In summer or winter, Chamonix is just the most magical place. Enjoy the French Joie de vivre by just walking around and try one of the many bars and restaurants the place has to offer. Of course, don’t forget to visit the Mont Blanc (the highest mountain of the alps with 4,808 meters)